Provision of Services

Rankoromane School provides primary school education for 62 children with learning difficulties and related disabilities aged between 5 – 14 years.


To provide education and care for children with special needs.

To provide skills that instill self confidence and promote self-advocacy.

To offer social guidance and support towards cultivating a dignified way of living for children with special needs.

Learners in computer lab

The curriculum is based on the Botswana Government Primary School Syllabus amended to address the diverse needs of learners with learning disabilities.

The education programme is holistic in that it addresses the full range of learning, nurturing and developmental needs of the child including activities of daily living, communication and other social skills, numeracy and literacy, arts, crafts, sports, etc.

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Learning goals for each learner are defined in an Individual Education Plan that is developed together with parents / family, residential care staff, teaching staff and therapists as appropriate. This guides the learning path of each child and is updated annually based on regular formative assessments, the developing capacity of the child to decide on their learning priorities, the input of parents / family and other related factors.

The school provides residential facilities in small dormitories clustered in family sized households.

Based on their individual needs, children may be offered various forms of therapeutic support including, physiotherapy, and other professional support as available.

A nursery school provides pre-primary schooling for a number of children from the local community as day learners.

Life Skills Training

The school also provides life skills training including cooking, washing dishes, sweeping and bed making which are very vital skills that enable the children to become independent.

In addition to the normal academic skills the school offers practical and creative activities including drama, movement, art, pottery, music, gardening, sports and curative play.