Nursery & Garden Centre


The Nursery is the maternity ward of the farm.

The plants started here are used on the farm and sold to the public at the Garden Centre.

This is where we start vegetable and flower seedlings for transplanting to beds. The Nursery also propagates trees and ornamental plants from seeds, bulbs and cuttings. The Nursery team also tend a market garden that grows salads, herbs and medicinal plants.

A team of four people work daily in the Nursery mixing seedling and potting soil media, planting seeds, propagating cuttings, tending beds and generally maintaining the environment around this part of the farm.

Dew dripping from cauliflower seedling leaves in a tray under the shade cloth of the Nursery.

Wet cauliflower seedlings in a tray on a dewy morning in the Nursery.

Bags of soil and seedlings for sale near a mini jade bonsai tree in a wide shallow pot.

Bonsai mini-jade & compost at the Garden Centre.

The Garden Centre

The Garden Centre is the sales hub for the farm.

This is where the products of the Nursery team's efforts behind the scenes are made available to the wider community. We stock a range of water-wise ornamental plants, flowers and seasonal vegetable seedlings at the Garden Centre. Our special on-farm compost is also sold here in bags.