Motse Wa Badiri Training offers quality education, training and work experience and facilitates self-directed community inclusion and employment for people with disabilities.

Provision of Services

Motse Wa Badiri Training offers a four-year learning programme for people with learning difficulties or disabilities who are fourteen years or older called The Integrated Learning for Living and Work Programme (ILLWP)

There are currently 96 learners enrolled. The ILLWP aims to build a broad foundation of knowledge and skills that can foster a person’s development across three assessed areas of the curriculum:

Functional abilities in communication, literacy, numeracy and information & communication technology (ICT);
Personal and social development;
Vocational skills.

Those learners who are able to achieve 40 credits over the four years of study are awarded a level one certificate.

During the last term of the four-year programme, most of the learners are given the opportunity to take part in an attachment programme at a workplace situated in their local community supported by the Employment Support Specialist in accordance with their long-term livelihood goals.

A transition support programme offers support to graduates in finding employment or other sustainable livelihood.

students cultivating garden beds
Three interlocking circles that represent three areas of learning; Functional Skills, Personal & Social Development, Vocational Skills

Admissions January 2022

Please download and complete the form if you would like to apply for admission in January 2022.